A Certified Appraiser is trained to determine a valuation for your property based on a number of factors on the day of the effective date of the appraisal.

To accurately determine this valuation, research is done on your home, the neighborhood, recent sales and other factors.

After office research is done the appraiser will visit your property to complete a detailed site inspection of the exterior and the interior taking measurements and photographs and making notes of many other important factors. The appraiser will visit your neighborhood, take notes, drive by and photograph the exterior of comparable properties that recently sold

The appraiser will determine a valuation for the property that will be reviewed by a lender to determine loan worthiness. This appraisal protects both the buyer and the lender. It protects the buyer from overpaying for a property and it protects the lenders investment in case of default.

Important to know that an appraisal is ordered to determine valuation and isn't a construction inspection.

Also important to understand the completed appraisal legally becomes the property of the ordering client and NOT the buyer or seller that most likely paid for the appraisal. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires the lender to provide a copy to the consumer upon written request. Contact the lender that ordered the appraiser to obtain a copy.